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The new Vutek 2360
Tuesday, 30 May 2000 00:00

Vutek 2360Following the installation of two, five meter wide 5300 machines, the world leader in the manufacturing of large format printing machines, the american Vutek, has installed its third machine for Eclipse. This time, it is a new model 2360. The main parameters - 360 dpi resolution, maximum speed of printing 57 square meters per hour, printing width 200cm, colour durability in exterior 2 years with no special finishing - signal, that Vutek has succeeded in constructing a machine of a new generation, combining the advantages of large format printing machines (printing speed, durability) and large format plotters (resolution, print quality). The machine is manufactured also in a six colour version, model 2360 SC. The first experience with operating the machine appear to confirm these promises, and seem to justify the significant investment (more than 12 mil. Kc). The basic four colours model can be simply upgraded to a six colour model, more heads can be installed on the machine. This upgrade is planned in Eclipse in the future.

Eclipse has signed a contract regarding the delivery of more machines of this kind. The Prague investment will be followed by installations in the Hungarian printing house, and in the new printing house in Poland. The placement of the following machines is yet to be decided . They are designed for some of the markets, where Eclipse presently carries out only sales operations at the moment.