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Fluid lamination in Eclipse
Friday, 08 September 2000 00:00

Coating An AquaSEAL SW- 5000 liquid lamination machine was recently installed in the printing house of Eclipse in Prague. This represents a new extension of possibilities for the finishing department, to carry out final adjustments of large format prints printed by digital and screen printing technology. The machine carries out lamination.in 5 m maximum width and in addition to standard materials used for this purpose, (paper and self-adhesive foil) it can carry out surface finishing work on canvas, banners, megaboards, etc, where this type of surface protection was not so common. Fluid lamination ensures perfect adhesiveness to the surface of the laminated material, and a very thin layer. Both these properties are very important in the case of the most demanding applications, such as car tilts or stickers for cars. Two options are available for the quality of the lamination material used, depending on the protection required and the length of use. For instance, in the case of car tilts with a Vutek print and UV fluid lamination, Eclipse offers a five year guarantee for colour stability and mechanical adhesiveness.