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Skoda "Flag-chains"
Monday, 09 October 2000 00:00

Skoda flagsIn September, we printed an interesting job for GREY agency - the Skoda flag chains. Škoda Auto was the final client, the products will be installed at all the Škoda car dealers, who ordered this representative flag decoration. (that means almost all Skoda dealers).

The job consists of two mutations: Skoda Felicia and Skoda Octavia Combi. In both cases, we made two-sided flags on special flag fabric - the so-called two sided canvas. The format of the flag is about 20 x 10 cm. The flags were cut, treated with special varnish, and welded by heat welding to a black string, 12 m long. There are 40 flags on each string. The total number of these chains is 400, which means that we made a total of 16000 flags from each motif.