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Absolut vodka
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 00:00

GalerieBetween November 2 and November 14, preciselyat 15.00 every other day we could watch the new, tangerine tasting Absolut Vodka gradually enter the Czech market. At this time, the image of an Absolut Vodka bottle, depicted on a 126 m2 large megascreen installed on the Maxx Planet building, on the Prague Národní trída, was gradually revealed.

GalerieEclipse got a chance to take part in the manufacturing of this unique job, made particularly attractive by the peeling off of the top part of the graphics, showing the zest of the fruit, gradually revealing the hidden motif of the bottle. This lower motif had been printed using Vutek technology on 600 g/m2 PVC fabric. The segments were joined by invisible seams, the canvas fitted with eyelets and pockets for fastening, with the use of a high frequency welding machine.

The upper motif was printed on the Vutek, on nonpermanent foil consisting of 50 x 150 cm bands. To achieve the effect of a realistic looking tangerine zest, an irregular cutting of the edges of this upper foil was necessary, requiring very precise and careful work - a careless move could easily cut the underlaying canvas.