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Mission: James Bond Party
Friday, 08 December 2000 00:00

James Bond party

A major event started in Eclipse on December 8 at 10 a.m. - the Mission: James Bond Party.
It was in fact a day-long programme for all clients, business partners and friends of Eclipse, who could spend a day playing at Agent 007, with a mission to search all the premises and equipment of Eclipse. A four day programme was prepared for all the foreign guests. They were accommodated at the Corinthia Towers Hotel, the venue for the bombastic final party on 8th December.

At 10.00 a.m. the doors of all premises of the printing house opened, allowing the visitors to follow the printing process and production on all the equipment of Eclipse, and with expert commentary provided by Eclipse staff. The main, biggest and "biggest" news was the brand new four colour screen printing line SVECIA SAMX-4. On most of the equipment viewed, products showing the images of all actors who had ever played the role of Agent 007 were manufactured during the visit, providing the most impressive effect of the guided tour. All these products were immediately available as samples. Apart from the manufacturing part of the printing house, a brief presentation of the history, present operations and future plans of Eclipse was prepared in the administrative premises of the firm. Finally, there was a great banquet, including the unique cocktail favoured by James Bond - Vodka with Martini, "shaken, not stirred".

Great attention and effort was devoted to decorations. The buses carrying the visitors from the hotel were decorated by stickers carrying James Bond graphics, and we were meeting agents on every step in the printing house - billboards, megascreens, flags, stands, floor graphics, signposting, and other products manufactured by Eclipse. Each guest also received a detailed programme of the presentation - as you may well imagine, the document carried an image of James Bond and a secret message of his mission. For a few days , printed decorations and flags in front of the hotel were announcing the place and time of the event. Perhaps the greatest attraction seen by almost all inhabitants of Prague was a large megaboard in a 22 x 14 m format, visible from many places including the hotel windows, placed on the wall of the Congress Centre, and showing an elegant James Bond announcing this unique occasion.

As was mentioned above, at 19.00 in the evening all guests met on the third floor of Corinthia Towers Hotel, to be equipped by black James Bond sunglasses, and welcomed by the usual Martini and Vodka. Shortly after 20.00, all were alarmed by a loud explosion of a bomb, followed by a famous film soundtrack from the latest Bond movie. The second hall opened, were the real party begun. There were luxurious delicatessen, food and drinks, and a rich programme. Bartenders mixed drinks to all requests and tastes, go-go dancers presented dance creations, 2 mimes were acting scenes of two agents, stunt-men played a real film fight, conjurors were picking out cigarette pack from guests’s pockets, and a permanent queue formed at the black jack table, where players wanted to try their luck.

The dance group Butterfly appeared twice with their unmatched travesty show, and live music played to dance after midnight. All night, scenes from Bond movies were projected on a giant screen, cigars were smoked, there was wild dancing, the ladies were charming and the gentlemen were courteous - true secret agents. No one was surprised to see a small fireworks, or an explosion of a small grenade, spraying around thousands of confetti. And the real James Bond? This time, he was so secret that no one discovered him, he carried out his assignment excellently and without complications, as is his habit after all.

Finally, we can sum up that more than 300 guests took part in the Operation: James Bond event, and we are getting wide feedback confirming that this was indeed one of the best events of the year. As it seems, there is a tall order for next year. The goal of the mission has been fulfilled: the public learned about the novelties and the more common pieces of equipment used by Eclipse at the moment, the production process of all products was shown in motion. First and foremost, every visitor could see that even a "small" client is IMPORTANT for every Eclipse employee, and that we are always ready to care for all our customers, give them information, and also to have lots of fun with them. :-))