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Mission: James Bond Party
Friday, 08 December 2000 00:00

James Bond party

A major event started in Eclipse on December 8 at 10 a.m. - the Mission: James Bond Party.
It was in fact a day-long programme for all clients, business partners and friends of Eclipse, who could spend a day playing at Agent 007, with a mission to search all the premises and equipment of Eclipse. A four day programme was prepared for all the foreign guests. They were accommodated at the Corinthia Towers Hotel, the venue for the bombastic final party on 8th December.

At 10.00 a.m. the doors of all premises of the printing house opened, allowing the visitors to follow the printing process and production on all the equipment of Eclipse, and with expert commentary provided by Eclipse staff. The main, biggest and "biggest" news was the brand new four colour screen printing line SVECIA SAMX-4. On most of the equipment viewed, products showing the images of all actors who had ever played the role of Agent 007 were manufactured during the visit, providing the most impressive effect of the guided tour. All these products were immediately available as samples. Apart from the manufacturing part of the printing house, a brief presentation of the history, present operations and future plans of Eclipse was prepared in the administrative premises of the firm. Finally, there was a great banquet, including the unique cocktail favoured by James Bond - Vodka with Martini, "shaken, not stirred".

Great attention and effort was devoted to decorations. The buses carrying the visitors from the hotel were decorated by stickers carrying James Bond graphics, and we were meeting agents on every step in the printing house - billboards, megascreens, flags, stands, floor graphics, signposting, and other products manufactured by Eclipse. Each guest also received a detailed programme of the presentation - as you may well imagine, the document carried an image of James Bond and a secret message of his mission. For a few days , printed decorations and flags in front of the hotel were announcing the place and time of the event. Perhaps the greatest attraction seen by almost all inhabitants of Prague was a large megaboard in a 22 x 14 m format, visible from many places including the hotel windows, placed on the wall of the Congress Centre, and showing an elegant James Bond announcing this unique occasion.

As was mentioned above, at 19.00 in the evening all guests met on the third floor of Corinthia Towers Hotel, to be equipped by black James Bond sunglasses, and welcomed by the usual Martini and Vodka. Shortly after 20.00, all were alarmed by a loud explosion of a bomb, followed by a famous film soundtrack from the latest Bond movie. The second hall opened, were the real party begun. There were luxurious delicatessen, food and drinks, and a rich programme. Bartenders mixed drinks to all requests and tastes, go-go dancers presented dance creations, 2 mimes were acting scenes of two agents, stunt-men played a real film fight, conjurors were picking out cigarette pack from guests’s pockets, and a permanent queue formed at the black jack table, where players wanted to try their luck.

The dance group Butterfly appeared twice with their unmatched travesty show, and live music played to dance after midnight. All night, scenes from Bond movies were projected on a giant screen, cigars were smoked, there was wild dancing, the ladies were charming and the gentlemen were courteous - true secret agents. No one was surprised to see a small fireworks, or an explosion of a small grenade, spraying around thousands of confetti. And the real James Bond? This time, he was so secret that no one discovered him, he carried out his assignment excellently and without complications, as is his habit after all.

Finally, we can sum up that more than 300 guests took part in the Operation: James Bond event, and we are getting wide feedback confirming that this was indeed one of the best events of the year. As it seems, there is a tall order for next year. The goal of the mission has been fulfilled: the public learned about the novelties and the more common pieces of equipment used by Eclipse at the moment, the production process of all products was shown in motion. First and foremost, every visitor could see that even a "small" client is IMPORTANT for every Eclipse employee, and that we are always ready to care for all our customers, give them information, and also to have lots of fun with them. :-))

Tesco busses
Monday, 20 November 2000 00:00
Tesco Bus

Eclipse has delivered an interesting product in November 2000 - car graphics on 3 buses for a Hungarian customer. As can be seen from the fotographs, the graphics takes up most of the outer surfaces of the vehicle. The most interesting feature is a combintaion of special 3M foils - full white foils were used for all surfaces except the windows, and special window graphics foil was placed on the glass surfaces of the bus.
The technical difficulty of the printing consisted mainly in the differences between the surface of these foils, which required a perfect harmonisation of the colours, and very careful preparation of the input data for the Vutek digital printing machine, used to print this job.

Absolut vodka
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 00:00

GalerieBetween November 2 and November 14, preciselyat 15.00 every other day we could watch the new, tangerine tasting Absolut Vodka gradually enter the Czech market. At this time, the image of an Absolut Vodka bottle, depicted on a 126 m2 large megascreen installed on the Maxx Planet building, on the Prague Národní trída, was gradually revealed.

GalerieEclipse got a chance to take part in the manufacturing of this unique job, made particularly attractive by the peeling off of the top part of the graphics, showing the zest of the fruit, gradually revealing the hidden motif of the bottle. This lower motif had been printed using Vutek technology on 600 g/m2 PVC fabric. The segments were joined by invisible seams, the canvas fitted with eyelets and pockets for fastening, with the use of a high frequency welding machine.

The upper motif was printed on the Vutek, on nonpermanent foil consisting of 50 x 150 cm bands. To achieve the effect of a realistic looking tangerine zest, an irregular cutting of the edges of this upper foil was necessary, requiring very precise and careful work - a careless move could easily cut the underlaying canvas.

Skoda "Flag-chains"
Monday, 09 October 2000 00:00

Skoda flagsIn September, we printed an interesting job for GREY agency - the Skoda flag chains. Škoda Auto was the final client, the products will be installed at all the Škoda car dealers, who ordered this representative flag decoration. (that means almost all Skoda dealers).

The job consists of two mutations: Skoda Felicia and Skoda Octavia Combi. In both cases, we made two-sided flags on special flag fabric - the so-called two sided canvas. The format of the flag is about 20 x 10 cm. The flags were cut, treated with special varnish, and welded by heat welding to a black string, 12 m long. There are 40 flags on each string. The total number of these chains is 400, which means that we made a total of 16000 flags from each motif.

Fluid lamination in Eclipse
Friday, 08 September 2000 00:00

Coating An AquaSEAL SW- 5000 liquid lamination machine was recently installed in the printing house of Eclipse in Prague. This represents a new extension of possibilities for the finishing department, to carry out final adjustments of large format prints printed by digital and screen printing technology. The machine carries out lamination.in 5 m maximum width and in addition to standard materials used for this purpose, (paper and self-adhesive foil) it can carry out surface finishing work on canvas, banners, megaboards, etc, where this type of surface protection was not so common. Fluid lamination ensures perfect adhesiveness to the surface of the laminated material, and a very thin layer. Both these properties are very important in the case of the most demanding applications, such as car tilts or stickers for cars. Two options are available for the quality of the lamination material used, depending on the protection required and the length of use. For instance, in the case of car tilts with a Vutek print and UV fluid lamination, Eclipse offers a five year guarantee for colour stability and mechanical adhesiveness.

Gambrinus stickers
Wednesday, 26 July 2000 00:00

G cutThe decorative stickers for shop-windows and restaurants (the so-called window kits) have been printed for the Gamrinus brewery. Each set consists of three parts, which can be freely combined depending on the size of the shop-windows. The job has been made on opaque, self-adhesive PVC, with non-permanent glue that makes removal easier. The printing technology applied was screen printing with special UV inks.

The cutting has been carried out on Zünd plotters, each sheet contains the complete set. The 2000 sets have been manufactured on an all-inclusive basis, from preparing the printing inputs to distribution across the Czech Republic.

Second Zund carton cutting plotter
Saturday, 24 June 2000 00:00

ZundThe new model of the Zünd L - 2500 carton cutting plotter increased the capacity of cutting, oscillation cutting, bieg cutting, drawing, milling etc. This universal plotter is used for standard graphical production during cutting of foils and milling of boards, for the construction and adjustment of stands, boxes, other carton products, for manufacturing tools for roll cutters, and it is used for cutting lower production lots of stands, displays, boxes and other products.

The cutting area of the machine is 2500 x 1800 mm, the maximum cutting speed of the new model has doubled, and the machine boasts other improvements, resulting in better quality and productivity.

The new Vutek 2360
Tuesday, 30 May 2000 00:00

Vutek 2360Following the installation of two, five meter wide 5300 machines, the world leader in the manufacturing of large format printing machines, the american Vutek, has installed its third machine for Eclipse. This time, it is a new model 2360. The main parameters - 360 dpi resolution, maximum speed of printing 57 square meters per hour, printing width 200cm, colour durability in exterior 2 years with no special finishing - signal, that Vutek has succeeded in constructing a machine of a new generation, combining the advantages of large format printing machines (printing speed, durability) and large format plotters (resolution, print quality). The machine is manufactured also in a six colour version, model 2360 SC. The first experience with operating the machine appear to confirm these promises, and seem to justify the significant investment (more than 12 mil. Kc). The basic four colours model can be simply upgraded to a six colour model, more heads can be installed on the machine. This upgrade is planned in Eclipse in the future.

Eclipse has signed a contract regarding the delivery of more machines of this kind. The Prague investment will be followed by installations in the Hungarian printing house, and in the new printing house in Poland. The placement of the following machines is yet to be decided . They are designed for some of the markets, where Eclipse presently carries out only sales operations at the moment.

Cooperation with Rainbow company in Poland
Sunday, 28 May 2000 00:00



The main event in 1999 was official start of collaboration with Rainbows company. Rainbows company is the Polish largest owner of exclusive advertising constructions, which are located in strictly center of cities'and main roads.

The campaign for Galeria Centrum exposed on biggest construction in Warsaw near Rotunda or grafics settled over ERA GSM salons, are an example of good cooperation between our companies.


The Golden Block for Advertising in Year 1999
Tuesday, 02 May 2000 00:00

The advertising campaign of Eclipse won the prestigious Golden Block prize, awarded annually by the Union of Publishers to the best print advertising in newspapers and magazines. The series of 12 adverts in Strategie magazine won in the category "Image advertising in magazines". The advertising was produced for Eclipse by Young & Rubicam Praha, a successful partner of Eclipse in image creation for the last three years.

Printing on a carpet
Sunday, 30 April 2000 00:00

VutekAnother new, innovative material has been successfully tested for printing on Vutek machines - the carpet. It can be printed on in five metres width for a variety of uses - interior decoration, exhibition sites, promotional events, etc.

Controversy over Racist Advertising
Wednesday, 26 April 2000 00:00
Motion for the Board of Advertising

Violation of the Code of Advertising
To: RPR (Board of Advertising), Skretova st. 6, Praha 2 (sent by mail)
Copy to: Eclipse printing house, Strategie Magazine

Dear Sirs,
I believe that you have launched an investigation out of your own initiative into the advertising of the Eclipse printing house, published in the 9-th. issue of Strategie magazine on page 5, with greater zeal than in the case of the billboards with the fox. If this is not the case, here is my motion:
In my opinion, the advertising violates the articles of Chapter II, Article 4.4. The advertising obviously promotes the racist view that criminals are coloured, that is, that coloured people are all criminals. It thus bluntly and undoubtedly offends my racial feelings.
Yours sincerely
MUDr. Miroslav Patek
Kurcatovova 323
109 00 Praha 10

Statement of Eclipse

Dear Sir,
I consider your allegations to be totally unfounded. Our advertising campaign does not feature criminals, but untrustworthy persons. It is not in the least bit racist. You may have seen our first advert, where a blue-eyed blonde woman appeared. In 12 images, we shall gradually present 12 "professions" considered untrustworthy, but at the same time not breaking the law. I do not know what colour of skin the next persons featured in our adverts will have, and to be honest, I do not care about it. It is not the colour of the skin that is of importance, but the profession, the occupation of the person featured.
If you view a dark watch vendor as an attack on all people with dark colour of skin, I do not understand why you did not view our first advert as an attack against people with pink faces wearing a make-up.
It is your attitude that is racist, not our advertising. If your are not able to view a dark skinned model simply as a human being, but you immediately pigeon-hole him into a certain group, it is discriminatory and offensive. I fully agree with you, that any form of discrimination is shameful. If we carefully selected the people featured in our adverts from white skinned people, it would be a racist attitude. I do not in any way intend to restrict the advertising agency in its selection of models by colour of skin, because it is not important. I thank you for your comments, although I cannot agree with them.

Yours sincerely
Alena Netusilova
Eclipse a.s.

Finding of the Committee for Arbitration of the Board of Advertising

The campaign of Eclipse is not based on racism
On 16th of March, the Committee for Arbitration of the Board of Advertising (RPR) rejected the complaint of a private party against the advertising campaign of Eclipse, for its alleged racist connotations. The RPR accepted the statement of the sponsor of the campaign and of the author of the campaign, advertising agency Young & Rubicam, which explained the concept of the advertising. The multinational image advertising campaign of Eclipse, presenting the company as stable and reliable, runs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and in Russia. A high number of print agents and middlemen operate in these markets, who do not meet their obligations against producers, and therefore are unable to offer quality and reliable service. "The creative department of the agency prepared twelve visual adverts with images, that present untrustworthy people by a certain activity or occupation. The concrete technology and employee of the company is then presented as an alternative and a contrast, that is stable and reliable", stated Y & R (Strategie 12/2000).

Participation at Reklama 2000 exhibition
Saturday, 15 April 2000 00:00

Eclipse has participated on the most significant event for advertising branch in the Czech Republic - Reklama 2000 exhibition. Eclipse was presented by a new kind of exposition. Exhibitory area of 140 m2 with a monumental 7,5 m high frame for presentation of cloths, was completed with outdoor part with several kinds of outdoor advertising.

Reklama 2000 Reklama 2000

The exhibition stand was one of the view points on the exhibition and scientific press has labeled it as "encyclopedia of large-format outdoor advertising". Eclipse will attend similar exhibitions in other countries, where its commercial activities are pursued, with this exhibition stand.

The next branch of Eclipse
Tuesday, 11 April 2000 00:00

Eclipse, the leading European printing house opened the eleventh business branch in Middle and Eastern countries of Europe. The new branch has been opened in Poznan. It´s a second branch at the polish market and it refers to a consequence and an extension. The opening of the branch in the city is the first step intra-plan to outstanding repair of activities at this market. The plan includes the instalation of a digital printing machine Vutek in Warsaw and a construction of the third printing house with a complete technological equipment.
Sales Director of Poznan branch is Mr. Marek Szymura who has completed the knowledge of polygraphy during the training in Prague. Eclipse Poznan is going to offer all the spectrum his own products, management awaits the interest in smaller and medium series of billboards, citylights, stickers, megaboards, displays and stands.

Investment to technologies
Tuesday, 28 March 2000 00:00

A significant investments to technological equipment will be done in Eclipse, the biggest large-format printing house in central and eastern Europe. In Prague's screen printing production will be extended with a four-colour automat in format 210 x 160 cm with 800 sheets per hour printing capacity - printing of 100 pcs of citylights means 10 min of operation.

SveciaA Hungarian production concern in Edelény will be supplied with the fourth one-colour screen printing automat and with a complete equipment for construction, dieses production and large-format cutting.

VutekAt digital printing area the investments to machines from the best world's producer - American company Vutek - will continue. After the two machines Vutek 5300, which were supplied to Prague in 1999, they arranged another agreement about a supply of five machines Vutek 2360 for Prague and Hungarian printing house and also for another three countries, where only commercial branches are so far. So Eclipse will aquire necessary production rear even at other markets.

The last prepared activity of Eclipse is establishing - after Prague and Edelény - the third complete screen printing concern in Warsaw. A project is at preparative phase now and after choosing suppliers of technology and building the construction should start at the second part of this year.

Skoda car tilts
Monday, 07 February 2000 00:00

Skoda cars

We have produced a large order for printing on car tilts on the Vutek machines. 16 Mercedes and DAF trucks will procure and distribute spare parts for Auto Škoda. Eight various images of spare parts appear on the tilts. The special vinyl used for car tilts is further treated with an upper layer of a two compnent varnish, specially developed for this kind of use. Five years of durability can be guaranteed for car tilts made with this method.

The third printing line in Edeleny
Saturday, 08 January 2000 00:00

PrintsIn the Hungarian printing house of Eclipse, in Edelény, the third automatic screen printing line has been introduced to full operations. The planned expansion of capacity will help with the production of billboards and city-lights for the growing Hungarian market, and for other markets where Eclipse supplies its products made in the Hungarian printing house.
By the installation of the third screen printing line, the original project of the screen printing house in Edeleny has been completed.
The capacity of the production hall, and the preparatory and finishing equipment, can support a flexible installation of a fourth printing line. The decision regarding that line will be made by Eclipse according to future developments, and needs. Further defelopment activities in Eclipse will probably be focusing on the expansion of large format digital printing, not only in Hungary, but also in other countries, where Eclipse has only located sales activities up to the present.

A new director of Prague's production concern
Saturday, 01 January 2000 00:00

Ing. Petr Tichy has been appointed as the new Director of Manufacturing of the printing house of Eclipse in Prague. He is not a new personality in Eclipse, during his studies he worked on the first pieces of equipment in the company. He returned to the company after a period at the AMOS reprographic studio, where he obtained further experience in the field of pre-press.
Mr. Petr Tichy spent more than one year as deputy manufacturing director, thus preparing for the challenging position of manufacturing director. The thorough training was made necessary by the specal printing machines, all unique in the Czech Republic, complex technologies, and a demanding organisational structure of the production process. Such extensive training is common practice in Eclipse for all positions, not only management posts. Petr Tichy is replacing Mr. Vaclav Nosek, former Manufacturing Director, who will continue to focus his efforts on the strategic and leadership role as the Managing Director of the entire Eclipse group of companies.