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A high-frequency welding machine
Friday, 17 September 1999 00:00

WeldingWelding 2In the first days of September, we have installed a new, Forsström high frequency welding machine. The machine is designed for welding PVC and its manufacturer, Forsström, is one of the two Swedish market leaders in the field. Eclipse uses the machines mainly to weld the products of its large format digital and screen printing machines - that is, vinyl and net megaboards, banners and canvases.

Compared with hot air welding, the high frequency seam is stronger, more durable and much less visible. The machine can therefore weld other PVC products, such as flags, plastic bags, plastic swimming pools, car covers, inflatable floating toys, etc. Eclipse will also gradually replace the present technique of fitting metal or plastic eyelets into canvases manually, for installation with high frequenci welding.
The machine is equipped with a special tool for "invisible seams", where the welded parts do not overlap. This method is mainly used for illuminated canvases, but can be applied for any product.

The picture shows the welding of a 18x7m canvas for Creditanstalt, the client of the Austrian subsidiary of Eclipse.