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A flag set for Austria
Wednesday, 15 December 1999 00:00

House Fotbal

Tenis We have made a range of canvases, with varying utilisations, for our Austrian clients. A classical megaboard for a house-front, an interior decoration for a sports hall, a transportable advertising banner for a football stadium. The job is a good example of the wide use of large format printing on vinyl.

A citylight with day and night motive
Saturday, 30 October 1999 00:00

Day motiv Night motivEclipse Slovakia got a special order to make a day/night city-light poster. An order for 450 posters was placed by Young and Rubicam, an agency, on behalf of their client, Ericsson. At night, the picture of a telephone appearing in daytime is joined by small figures of extra-terrestrials (Martians). Making this type of city-light requires a special printing technology, and good co-operation of the printing house and the graphics designers during preparation of the motif.

An industrial sewing machine
Thursday, 28 October 1999 00:00

SingerA new, industrial sewing machine has been installed in the Prague printing house. It is used for final sewing work on flags and canvases. We can now achieve better firmness and resistance of all seams, by using the strongest threads, and by applying special strengthening techniques and PVC impregnation.

Initiation of mouse pads' production
Monday, 18 October 1999 00:00

UnibonHaving completed the preparation, testing and technical finalisation of the manufacturing technology, we have introduced computer mousepads as our standard products.

We can now make mousepads in pieces, or tens of thousands, in very short deadlines. One of the first orders was for 300 pcs of promotional mousepads for Unibon.

A sponsorship of festival in Portoroz
Sunday, 10 October 1999 00:00

AvditorijFestival Golden Drum takes place in Porotorož every year. It is the most prestigious competition between the advertising agencies. There are categories for the best campaign, the best TV spot, press add etc. The competitors are from 25 countries of Europe plus USA. The most participants come from Eastern and Central Europe. Agencies send first the members of the Creative Departments, but there is as well management and other profession.

Eclipse was one of the sponsor of this prestigious competition. Other sponsor was local GSM provider, Telecom, the biggest offset printing house in Slovenia and other company.
Management of Eclipse has been very satisfied with this form of presentation and is going to collaborate with the organizers next year as well. 

A high-frequency welding machine
Friday, 17 September 1999 00:00

WeldingWelding 2In the first days of September, we have installed a new, Forsström high frequency welding machine. The machine is designed for welding PVC and its manufacturer, Forsström, is one of the two Swedish market leaders in the field. Eclipse uses the machines mainly to weld the products of its large format digital and screen printing machines - that is, vinyl and net megaboards, banners and canvases.

Compared with hot air welding, the high frequency seam is stronger, more durable and much less visible. The machine can therefore weld other PVC products, such as flags, plastic bags, plastic swimming pools, car covers, inflatable floating toys, etc. Eclipse will also gradually replace the present technique of fitting metal or plastic eyelets into canvases manually, for installation with high frequenci welding.
The machine is equipped with a special tool for "invisible seams", where the welded parts do not overlap. This method is mainly used for illuminated canvases, but can be applied for any product.

The picture shows the welding of a 18x7m canvas for Creditanstalt, the client of the Austrian subsidiary of Eclipse.

A cylindrical cutting machine
Wednesday, 18 August 1999 00:00

CuttingCuttingThe newly installed drum cutting machine can cut formats up to 2 x 3 m. Its aquisition will speed up the manufacturing of shaped stands, packages and other POS products. It can cut paper, PVC, carton, wave shaped cardboard and other materials.

The combination of the packaging plotter and the cutting machine will help us to compete with the larger carton processing firms, which are sometimes inflexible.

New address in Moscow
Tuesday, 03 August 1999 00:00

The Russian branch of our company has changed its business address. The premises occupied until now were not satisfactory, the expansion of the company required adequate office space. The new principal place of business of the company is located close to the centre, and is easily accessible to customers. The staff of the Russian branch are looking forward to providing even higher standard of customer care to their clients.

Connex - 1500 billboards on PVC
Friday, 09 July 1999 00:00

Connex 2ConnexThe Romanian branch of our company has acquired a major order of billboards for a Romanian operator GSM Connex. It includes more then 1500 billboards of seven different motives and of five formats - from 3x4m to 4x14m.
The duration of their compaign lasts 6 months and the billboards have been printed especially on PVC materials.
The order has been realized in our Prague printing house on screen printing and on a new digital machine Vutek.

A several decades of tons of the billboards were delivered by two fully loaded camions. Financial value of this order is in hundreds thousands USD.

Nescafe cloth 20 x 20 m
Friday, 18 June 1999 00:00

Nescafe The Nescafé advertisement, on banner material, dimensions: 20x20m, was manufactured for Nestlé Nescafé, the client of McCann Erickson.
The advertisement is placed on the front of a house on Karlovo square, in Prague. It has been the largest megaboard to date, which was printed on the Vutek 5300 digital printing machine.

The product was printed on a vinyl mesh material, in printing width 5 m. The entire canvas is welded together from four vertical stripes. The seams are strenthened with bands of vinyl, and equipped with rings for the string that fastens the product on the wall.
A special feature is the irregular shape of the canvas, that follows the shape of the roof of the building. The duration of the placement is at least one year.